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"Cloud servers provide the flexibility to scale resources up or down based on demand. This means you can easily adjust the computing power, storage, and memory allocated to your server."

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Cloud Hosting Technical Specifications listing

Our automation system deploys your desired OS on VPS in less than 10 Minutes

Core Software

  • CentOS 7.x*
  • Latest cPanel stable release
  • PHP - 7.3,7.4,8.0,8.1 and 8.2
  • Perl, Ruby, Zend


  • MySql Server 5.7
  • phpMyAdmin 5.2.1
  • InnoDB
  • SFTP for security

Additional Software

  • Secure Shell Access
  • jQuery
  • RubyOnRails
  • Zend Optimizer


  • Hotlink Protection
  • Leech Protection
  • DDoS Protection
  • Network Security

Why choose Cloud Hosting

Add these affordable features to your server when you need them in the cloud panel.

Fully Managed Cloud Hosting

Fully Managed Cloud Hosting

We free you up to focus on your business!

1-click CPU / RAM upgrade

1-click CPU / RAM upgrade

Ramp up performance on demand

Cloud Simplified

Cloud Simplified

Secure, powerful and easily scalable

Upto 10x Faster

Upto 10x Faster

Your pages will load with blazing fast speed

SSD Storage

SSD Storage

Fast, reliable and efficient storage

-click Installs for WordPress, Joomla & more

50+ Applications

1-click Installs for WordPress, Joomla & more

30-Day Money-back

30-Day Money-back

Not happy? Get a refund, no questions asked

99.9% Uptime

99.9% Uptime

Top-tier DC, redundant ISP links, Neustar's protection

Free Data Migration

Free Data Migration

Transfer your hosting to our cloud, effortlessly

Our Cloud hosting plans

The specific features and offerings included with a Cloud VPS server can vary depending on the service provider and the specific plan you choose.


for small websites or blogs

Rs 699/Month

  • 1 domain name
  • 10 GB of disk space
  • 100GB of bandwidth
  • 1 MySQL database
  • 5 email accounts
  • cPanel control panel
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 24/7 support


for medium-sized businesses

Rs 799/Month

  • Unlimited domain name
  • 50 GB of disk space
  • 500GB of bandwidth
  • 10 MySQL database
  • 50 email accounts
  • cPanel control panel
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 24/7 support


for small businesses

Rs 899/Month

  • Unlimited domain name
  • 100 GB of disk space
  • 1TB of bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL database
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • cPanel control panel
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 24/7 priority support
  • Advanced security features

Frequently Asked Questions

A cloud server is a virtualized server hosted and delivered through a cloud computing platform. It runs on virtualized hardware and is accessed over the internet.

Traditional servers are physical machines located on-premises, while cloud servers are virtualized and run on infrastructure provided by a cloud service provider.

Benefits include scalability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, high availability, and the ability to access resources remotely.

Major providers include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), IBM Cloud, and others.

IGTAPPS Hosting has two types of dedicated hosting services, managed (a server with cPanel) and unmanaged, better known as Bare-Metal, with no control panel. With a managed dedicated server plan, you have all the resources of the machine managed by a team of in-house technical professionals.

IGTAPPS Hosting utilizes both Edge and Core routing to increase speed and redundancy. We use enterprise routers in all of our data centers and partner with Corero to defend against DDoS attacks that lead to unplanned server outages. We use multi-layer, high-performance switches. These switches layer several scripts and APIs to dynamically route traffic within the network based on demand, helping ensure you stay online. We also use dual high-performance fiber optic links from the ISP to the top of our racks. This provides lower latency and higher transfer rates. IGTAPPS Hosting also provides extremely fast full duplex 1Gbps (1000Mbps) Ethernet uplink connections on all of our Dedicated Servers. Check our ping times as well: Los Angeles, CA, US: Washington, DC, US:

IGTAPPS Hosting provides Dedicated Servers in our data center facilities situated in California and Virginia within the United States, along with a European data center located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.